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Testimonial from Frances Kildey

I am a 70-year-old woman living on the Sunshine Coast and I am writing this statement to provide an unsolicited account of my personal use of camel milk from QCamel dairies near the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Perhaps it may help others who are struggling with ill health to enhance their treatment by taking advantage of the high level of nutrition in camel milk.

About two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis which is an uncommon but severe auto-immune disease. I was going blind, was dizzy, was extremely fatigued and began falling over and severely injuring myself. I was on large doses of prednisone (75 mgs per day) and Plaquenil to try to allay the symptoms, which they did to a certain extent, but then I was suffering from the effects of the medication. However, it was not until I was diagnosed with a very uncommon and aggressive cancer of the gall bladder in May 2016 that my health actually began to improve. I did have initial surgery but there was no follow up chemotherapy available to me as there is no chemo drug that targets my form of cancer.

After searching for natural treatments that might assist me. I came up with a regime that includes fresh camel milk. I drink quite a lot in milk shakes, cups of tea, cooking etc. My digestive system does not break down the casein in cow’s milk so it makes me ill. I have absolutely no trouble with my digestive system since I have been using camel milk from QCamel. I use it in shakes every morning and infuse them with other supplements which treat cancer. These supplements are suggested by my integrated oncologist. Since I have been using camel milk my Sarcoidosis seems to have disappeared, my gut works much more efficiently and I feel and look (or so I am told) so much better. I do not claim that camel milk is a magic bullet that cures diseases but I believe that it has certainly helped me with my recovery and is continuing to improve my energy levels and my overall health. Besides that, it tastes great! I don’t know what I would do without it now that I am using it. I am so grateful to QCamel and the friendly owners, Lauren and Peter, for introducing camel milk to our local community.

Frances Kildey, Woombye, 23 November 2016



Testimonial From Chrissy Thomson

My 9 year old son was struggling with his concentration and focusing in the classroom and with his homework. These struggles he has had with his learning started in year 1 when he was 6. I took him to many different doctors and specialists and he was diagnosed as having ‘retained primitive reflexes'. For this we began many appointments with a Chiropractor as well as certain exercises. We found some changes, however it was not until this year in July when we came across QCamel and Camel Milk that we really noticed a great improvement in everything for our son.

We were advised to give him 100ml every morning on an empty stomach. Within the first week he was sitting down in the afternoon doing his homework and arranging his 20 word spelling list into alphabetical order. This was something he had never been able to do on his own before as his concentration and focus levels were not there. Within a month his teacher advised that his willingness to learn and participate in the classroom had improved dramatically. He was sitting still and listening and doing all his work. As the months have gone on he just keeps improving and going strong. After having an interview with his teacher last week she was amazed that in 10 weeks he went up 5 reading levels. He has also gone from C's and 4 D's on his report card to getting all B's and C's. So he has passed every subject. This is something he has never achieved. We are so proud of him and his hard work but we do believe 100% that it was the Camel Milk that assisted in calming him and allowing him to have that concentration and focus to be able to work hard and achieve.

I often say that Camel Milk is liquid gold and the benefits that it has giving my son I truly believe in its effectiveness and for that Camel Milk is more precious to us than any amount of gold.

Chrissy Thomson, Burpengary, 23 November 2015


Testimonial from Marty and Rachel Smith

Our two year old son was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism about a year ago. His speech, eye contact, social engagement and sleep all but disappeared as our once joyful little man became increasingly compulsive, withdrawn and prone to fits of screaming and crying. It is hard to describe the pain and anguish; 'devastating' seems too trivial a word.

This morning our son sang 'The Wheels on The Bus' whilst looking up at us for approval and to join in the fun! His eye contact is back, he wants to engage with others and he is daily recovering his speech. We started him drinking QCamel's camel milk several months ago in addition to huge changes in diet, supplements, therapies, prayer and countless hours of hard work. Whilst there has been no silver bullet in this journey, camel milk has been a very significant factor in his healing thus far. We strongly recommend that you try your son or daughter on half a cup per day upon waking (we make it into a banana smoothie which masks other suppliments). You are not being sold yet another line - it works.

Marty & Rachel Smith Indooroopilly, Queensland 8 April 2015






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