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The QCamel Story

QCamel is owned and run by the Brisbane Family and their dedicated staff on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

In 1994 the Brisbane Family moved to central Queensland for 12 years, which inadvertently led Lauren back to agribusiness. While working with friends and business partners in the horse and cattle industry she started researching the benefits of co-grazing camels with cattle. Camels are drought tolerant and cattle benefit from co-grazing with camels. In 2009 with the assistance of DPI Queensland Lauren completed a two-year study (refer: Camels in Queensland, Opportunities for Diversification, Brisbane 2009). By then the Brisbanes had started buying camels and they began looking into a dairy development.

In 2009 Lauren organised a Camel Conference in Brisbane, which led to the development of Australian Camel Industry Association (ACIA). ACIA works with the camel industry business community, Indigenous communities, Government and Non Government Organisations to development the camel industry in Australia.

Lauren is very close with their camels. “I am happiest in the paddock or milking in the dairy. I love our camels and could write a page on every camel we own” she continues, “Camels are highly intelligent creatures and extremely gentle, they live in a matriarchal group of which we are a part. While they are easy to train you have to be incredibly patient and kind. Milking camels differ from other dairies, they will only milk if they are still feeding their baby so there is twice as much work in managing our milking herd and their boisterous babies.” Of course running a dairy, managing a growing herd of camels and marketing a new food in Australia is not a job for one woman or one family. QCamel couldn’t operate without their very dedicated staff and growing group of suppliers and professionals.



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