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Ethical Production

From time to time our customers have enquired with us about our methods of production and ethics.

For us at QCamel ethical production is one of the reasons why we chose to develop our dairy. It is a core belief to produce ethically and promote
the concept of ethical production. We follow organic guidelines in production and processing to ensure both our camels health and the health of our customers.

First and foremost, our camels are loved and care for at a very high standard but further to that our camels are understood and respected. An enormous amount of time, years in fact, have been spent studying camels, camel milk, camel husbandry, behaviour and the history of camels both in Australia and around the world.

We believe that ethical production in our dairy includes the following;

o promoting and supporting the bond our camels have with their calves,
o respecting their natural instincts to live in a herd
o developing a mutual bond and respectful partnership
o using their intelligence to manage their health and the health of their calves

Those statements equate to the highest standard in animal production, we believe, in Australia and as such:

• we do not remove our calves from their mothers
• we do not slaughter our bull calves they are re-homed after they are weaned (2 years of age)
• no camel is forced to milk, they come into the dairy from free will
• we respect their good grace to share their milk with us and their calf
• their calf comes first
• we respect their right to choose when they would like to wean their calf (which can vary from 14months to 2 years)
• they live in a natural herd situation and roam freely during the day with their calf in their herd group.

While our concept of animal production may not suit other diary businesses our philosophy is;

“A Happy Camel Produces Healthy Milk”
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